I would like to thanks several people for helping debugging the code at early stage of this project:

  • T.Johnson (original developer of FreeHEP)
  • A.de Astorza (web page design)
  • P.Di Stefano (testing)
  • M.Antoine (testing)
  • A.Lanouette (debugging)


The SCaVis is a collective work of many people dedicated to open-source scientific software. We are grateful to many authors writing free scientific software for their dedication to science and open-source analysis tools. Please look at this web page for more information about packages included to this project.


You are welcome to contribute to SCaVis if you have a Java package useful for the scientific community . Any package for physics, mathematics and statistics can be included (after some minimum tests and verification). Please read How-To-Help section of the online manual.


Dr. S.Chekanov

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