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"Scientific Data Analysis using Jython Scripting and Java"

by S.V.Chekanov

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About this book:

This book presents practical approaches for data analysis using Java scripting based Jython - the 100% pure Java implementation of the Python language. Each chapter describes the conceptual and methodological aspects of modern data-analysis tools and their implementations in Java/Jython, covering essentially all aspects of data analysis from simple multidimensional arrays and histograms to clustering analysis, curve fitting, metadata and neural networks. This book includes a comprehensive coverage of various numerical and graphical packages implemented in Java and included to the SCaVis/jHepWork project.


The book was written by the primary developer of the software, and presents a reliable and complete source of reference which lays the foundation for data-analysis applications using Java scripting. The book includes more than 200 code snippets (usually 10-20 lines each) written in Jython and Java and several real-life data-analysis examples which develop a genuine feeling for data analysis techniques and their programming implementation.

Previous title of this book: "The art of scientific computation: Introduction to data analysis using Jython scripting and Java" The book is removed from the web access in Feb. 2010 due to a contract with Springer-Verlag Gmbh.


Downloading book examples and exercises

The book contains about 260 Python, Jython and Java code snippets. If you have the original printed book, you can download the code examples organized by chapters from this download page.



  1. Introduction
  2. Jython, Java and SCaVis
  3. Introduction to Jython
  4. Mathematical functions
  5. One-dimensional data
  6. Two-dimensional data
  7. Multi-dimensional data
  8. Arrays, matrices and linear algebra
  9. Histograms
  10. Random numbers and statistical samples
  11. Graphical canvases
  12. Input and output
  13. Miscellaneous analysis issues using SCaVis
  14. Data clustering
  15. Linear regression and curve fitting
  16. Neural networks
  17. Steps in data analysis
  18. Real-life examples
  19. Index of examples
  20. Index

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