About ScaVis

Dr. Sergei Chekanov has started this project in 2005. Currently he is responsible for the core SCaVis numeric packages (Java numerical libraries and visualization), jehep IDE (integrated development environment) and integration with third-party Java numerical libraries. He also responsible for all new SCaVis releases.  SCaVis incorporates free scientific packages from more than 100 Java developers around the world.

SCaVis users

The number of registered SCaVis members is several thousand, with many more users who use SCaVis without the full membership. The number of weekly SCaVis downloads is typically more than 100 (only from one mirror).

SCaVis is hosted by the jWork.ORG portal where you can find more scientific programs.


The SCaVis is a collective work of many people dedicated to open-source scientific software. We are grateful to many authors writing free scientific software for their dedication to science and open-source analysis tools. Please look at this web page for more information about packages included to this project.



Copyright © 2005-2015 S.Chekanov. SCaVis

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