SCaVis. A successor of jHepWork


SCaVis is a successor of jHepWork. Why this change in its name? jHepWork has its origin in high-energy physics (remember, Higgs?). The "Hep" part of jHepWork abbreviates "High-Energy Physics". jHepWork is used in several HEP areas, but it is not very popular in this field since high-energy physics is almost completely based on the ROOT C++ package developed at CERN. The reason is that experimental data are written and stored in the ROOT format. Currently jHepWork is not 100% compatible with this file format (it can read histograms and graphs, but not  complicated data structures written by ROOT/C++). Therefore, HEP scientists use ROOT and run Linux (typically, very old Linux flavors, such as RHEL5 or RHEL6).

I have renamed jHepWork to better reflect it's general purpose and to simplify the name of this program.


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